How to Make Soft and Tasty Donuts, Can Be a Selling Idea!

Donuts are one of the most delicious foods or snacks to eat at any time. With a sweet taste and fluffy texture, donuts are a snack that is loved by many people of all ages, especially children.

Not only as a snack that your children will like, donuts can also be a selling idea that you can apply to sell at home or anywhere. How to make donuts yourself is not difficult, you know, friend. With only a few main ingredients such as flour, granulated sugar, eggs, yeast and butter, you can make donuts that are very tasty, soft and fluffy perfectly.

Want to know the secret to making soft and fluffy donuts? Come on, see below!

Make sure you use the right amount of basic ingredients

For the use of the basic ingredients mentioned above, you must make sure to use the most appropriate dosage for each basic ingredient. Not only that, you also have to choose the best quality of the basic ingredients you want to use. For example, use wheat flour with moderate protein so that the donuts rise properly. As another example, also use instant yeast that is fresh and has never been used before, because it will make the donuts rise really well.

Knead the Dough Properly

Apart from using the best quality basic ingredients, you must also knead the dough properly. You can use a mixer or your hands. What must be considered is that the donut dough must be kneaded until the dough feels elastic and doesn’t stick to your hands anymore. But don’t forget not to knead it for too long, because later it will make your donuts feel hard when bitten.

Determine the Duration of Fermentation Well

One of the secrets that many people may not know in making donuts, is how the time or duration of the dough’s fermentation determines whether the donuts will expand successfully or not. Well, it’s best if the donut dough is fermented or left in a damp place for 15-30 minutes, then portioned, then let it rest for another 10 minutes before frying.

Fried with New Oil

If you like to fry using oil that has already been used, then avoid doing this when frying donuts. Try to use oil that is new and clear, because if you use used oil, the aroma and color of the oil that is no longer clear will be easily absorbed by the donut dough.

It’s not difficult isn’t it to follow all the steps above, Friend? Well, now you know how to make donuts in the best way, so just try them at home and then resell them to your neighbors!

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