Things You Should Know About “Umrah Gift for Mrs. IdAMAAN”

  1. What is the “Umrah Gift for Mrs. IdAMAAN” program?
    The “Umrah Gift for Mrs. IdAMAAN” program is a program presented by AMAAN as a token of appreciation for selected Mrs. IdAMAAN who have fulfilled all the requirements. This program will run from August to December 2022. In the end, the selected Mrs. IdAMAAN will receive a gift in the form of an Umrah travel package to the Holy Land in April 2023.
  2. What kind of Mrs. IdAMAAN is eligible to participate in this program?
    During the program period, Mrs. IdAMAAN must attend Silaturahmi Rutin (Regular Gathering) twice a month, in a complete manner.
    In each Silaturahmi Rutin session, Mrs. IdAMAAN must invite and ensure that all members of her community are present and make installment payments within the AMAAN gathering (Silaturahmi Rutin).
    The installment payments of Mrs. IdAMAAN and her members who are part of the community must be 100% on time.
  3. Who will depart for Umrah?
    Only 6 (six) selected Mrs. IdAMAAN. Family members or partners cannot join.
  4. How long will this program run?
    This program will run from August 2022 to December 2022.
  5. When will the evaluation and selection of the winners take place?
    The nomination and selection of the winners will take place between August and December 2022, where the attendance of the Silaturahmi Rutin by each community of Mrs. IdAMAAN and AMAAN members, as well as the installment payments, will be the main considerations.
  6. When will the winners be announced?
    The winners will be announced in February 2023, and the Umrah journey will take place in April 2023.
  7. If Mrs. IdAMAAN does not have a passport yet, can she still be selected?
    Yes, she can still be selected. The process of obtaining the necessary passport and visa for the Umrah journey will be assisted by AMAAN.
  8. If someone has already performed Umrah before, can they still be selected?
    Yes, they can still be selected.
  9. If there is a member in the AMAAN Community who is a Mrs. IdAMAAN and finds it very difficult to pay installments and attend the SR (Silaturahmi Rutin), what can be done to ensure that she is still eligible?
    Mrs. IdAMAAN can provide information to her IdAMAAN Sister, so that the AMAAN team can create a special program to assist in resuming smooth installment payments.
  10. If my installments are paid off before April 2023 or before the selection period, can I still be selected?
    The evaluation process will be conducted from August to December 2022, so if Mrs. IdAMAAN still has installments until that period, she certainly still has the opportunity to be included in the nomination list.

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