Privacy Policy

Please Read The Privacy Policy Carefully Before Accessing and/or Using AMAAN Platform.

The Privacy Policy described how PT Amaan Indonesia Sejahtera (“AIS”) collecting, using, providing/disclosing, storing, processing, and protecting Sahabat AMAAN User Personal Data. This Privacy Policy is applied to all Sahabat AMAAN who use AMAAN Platform, except those who is regulated separately. 

Before deciding to use AMAAN Platform, user must read the Privacy Policy carefully to ensure that they, as user, understand how the data is processed.

  1. AIS is a company that has been registered and supervised Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (Financial Services Authority) as an organizer of Inovasi Keuangan Digital (Digital Finance Innovation) based on the regulations of Otoritas Jasa Keuangan;
  2. AMAAN Service is a platform service provided by AIS to facilitate user to gain access including but not limited to financing products and financing support products, as well as other financing products/services for user’s business needs from Financial Institutions in accordance with the policies, regulations, internal procedure that can be changed from time to time, according to its discretion;

  3. AMAAN Platform is (a) a website portal and or mobile version of website portal that is made, owned, and operated by AIS which is currently located in and can be accessed in the following URL:, the following URL changes from time to time; and/or (b) AMAAN mobile application that is made, owned, and operated by AIS, the following is its change from time to time;

  4. Sahabat AMAAN (user) is any individual who visits, accesses and/or uses/utilizes AMAAN Platform and/or AMAAN Service;

  5. The Sahabat AMAAN Service Team is an internal AIS team whose job is to serve user/consumer who in connection with the use of AMAAN Platform and/or AMAAN Service, including those that will manage the Personal Data of Sahabat AMAAN;

  6. AMAAN Partners are Institutions/Financial Institutions or other third parties that work with AIS and own products/services, which are marketed/distributed/provided to Sahabat AMAAN;

  7. AMAAN Employees are the employees that will serve the users with connection to the AMAAN Platform and Service.

  1. Personal Data 
  2. Scope of Collected Personal Data
    1. The referred Personal Data is including but not limited to name, address, birthdate and/or age, phone number, mother’s maiden name, occupation, e-mail address, bank account, as well as any data, information, and document of the user and/or  the user’s relatives (including user’s spouse and family), user’s pattern or habit in using AMAAN Platform, browsing history or the use of AMAAN Service, as well as transaction history done by the user in AMAAN Platform and/or AMAAN Service, and information related to any other pattern or habit containing data, information, identity documents (including Identity Card or Driver’s License, or Passport) or other ID Card issued by the government, photos, health data, and other information related to the usage of AMAAN Platform by the user. Personal Data related to the other third party individuals, the user must first ensure that they have obtained the prior consent to do so;
    2. AIS is committed in maintaining the confidentiality of AMAAN User Personal Data in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy and to not use the Personal Data for any purpose other than the operational delivery of AMAAN Service or the operation of AMAAN Platform, and the implementation of AIS business activities, as well as in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. However, the provision of this Privacy Policy in above does not apply to Personal Data with the following conditions:
      1. A party can reveal that they legally own the Personal Data;
      2. The Personal Data is known publicly not because of violation done by the receiving party or their representative;
      3. The such Personal Data is legally obtained by the party without any restrictions on confidentiality from other sources;
      4. The Personal Data is required to be disclosed by a court order, court decision, arbitral award, government institution, government officials, or according to the applicable laws; and/or
      5. The Personal Data that can be proven in writing was independently developed by the receiving party without using confidential information disclosed by the disclosing party.

  3. Personal Data Collection
    The Personal Data which AIS collected is obtained in these following way:
    1. Provided/submitted voluntarily by the user directly when registering and/or required by AIS or AMAAN Partners or downloaded through AMAAN Platform and/or AMAAN Service;
    2. Through third party, in this case they are including but not limited to agent, vendor, supplier, partner, and other parties who provide services to AMAAN and collect Personal Data and/or who cooperated with AIS. In this condition, AIS only collects User’s Personal Data with the purpose to involve the mentioned third party or AIS’ purpose in cooperating with the mentioned third party;
    3. Collected by AIS when the User participated in an event held by AIS, such as celebration, seminar, workshop, contest program or award, and other events, which may include all documentation in the form of User’s photos, video recordings and/or voices;
    4. Legally obtained or accessed by AIS based on AIS’s policy and internal procedure related to AMAAN Service as long as the User is still attached to the Privacy Policy;
    5. Obtained when Sahabat AMAAN registered to be Sahabat Pembiayaan AMAAN (Financing Partner), so Sahabat AMAAN will give the information to AIS in correspond with what required by AIS and/or AMAAN;
    6. Obtained when using the AMAAN Platform, AIS can track and collect Sahabat AMAAN geographical location information.

  4. Personal Data Use
    AIS may use the Personal Data collected for the following purposes or other purposes permitted by applicable laws and regulations (“Purpose”):
    1. Managing the accuracy of information that the user provided;
    2. Including any assessment, analysis, and verification that AIS considers necessary before providing AMAAN Services to User, including but not limited to validate or examine (i) financing application and account opening; and (ii) user profile, including the process of getting to know the User/Customer (Know Your Customer);
    3. Helping Sahabat AMAAN in making transaction payments or transaction accounts provided in AMAAN Platform;
    4. Fulfilling AIS rights and obligations based on the provisions of laws and regulations;
    5. The implementation and supervision of AMAAN Services including but not limited to the implementation of Financing Contract;
    6. The Implementation of AIS business and operational activities from time to time with good faith;
    7. Communicating and sending information concerning the use of AMAAN Platform and/or AMAAN Services, surveys, research, evaluation and/or product or service development done by AIS or relevant interested parties;
    8. Studying or analyzing Sahabat AMAAN behavior and demographic data including the habits and use of various services provided in the AMAAN Platform;
    9. AIS law enforcement and compliance with the provisions of laws and regulations.

  5. Provision of Personal Data Information
    AIS may disclose or provide AMAAN User Personal Data to affiliated parties and other parties for the following purposes, (and/or other purposes permitted by applicable laws and regulations with good intention):
    1. Third party in connection with all verification processes of AIS or the third parties before providing services to User, including the Know Your Customer process and financing determination;
    2. Third parties including banks, credit scoring bureaus, agents, partners, or other supporting service providers who provide services to AIS or Sahabat AMAAN, performing tasks on behalf of AIS or other third parties who collaborate with AIS, as long as they are bound by a responsibility on confidentiality of User Personal Data, to build a relationship with the purpose of that third parties involved to carry out the disclosure of Personal Data to the relevant third parties which is technically necessary to process User transactions or for the purpose of AIS cooperation with the third parties (adjusted by circumstances), which is permitted by the third parties to introduce or offer the products or services to Sahaabt AMAAN, and to authenticate or connect User by carrying out other activities, including the interested marketing, research, and product development;
    3. Individuals and/or entities that other third parties related to or part of AIS and is under the responsibility on confidentiality of User Personal Data for certain purposes;
    4. Individuals and/or entities, including but not limited to the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, courts, prosecutors, police, and other government institutions, either at the initiative of AIS or as required by legal provisions, directives, and government institutions or government officials policies;
    5. Other than as regulated in this Privacy Policy, AIS may disclose and share User Personal Data if AIS has received User’s consent to disclose or provide the Personal Data.

  6. Personal Data Storage
    1. AIS will store Sahabat AMAAN’s Personal Data as required to fulfill the purpose of collection, or as the storage is required or permitted by applicable laws and regulations. AIS will stop storing or delete the Personal Data once it is deemed that the purposes of collected Personal Data are no longer needed for business or legal purposes;
    2. AIS will carry out the storage at its discretion, either through the AIS system or other third party’s system, servers, databases, or other third-party service providers who cooperated with AIS (“Third Party Appointment For Personal Data Storage”) while maintaining the confidentiality of the Personal Data;
    3. There is a possibility that Sahabat AMAAN’s Personal Data is stored by other parties. In this case, it includes the government institutions in a certain way. AIS hereby declares that if AIS provides User Personal Data to the authorized government institutions and/or other institutions appointed by the government that authorized or cooperated with AIS, then the User agrees and acknowledges that the storage of User Personal Data by these institutions will follow each institution data retention policy.

  7. User Personal Data Security
    The Confidentiality of User Personal Data is important to AIS and AIS will do its best with its capability to protect and secure the User Personal Data from unauthorized access, unlawful processing, intentional loss, destruction, and damage. However, no method of transmission over the Internet is completely protected. Although AIS will do its best to protect User Personal Data, the User acknowledges that AIS cannot guarantee the integrity and accuracy of information sent via the Internet and cannot guarantee that such Personal Data information will not be intercepted, accessed, disclosed, modified, damaged by unauthorized third parties, due to factors beyond AIS’ control. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account details, including the device the User is using and One Time Password (OTP).

  8. Representations and Warranties
    1. The User hereby declares and guarantees that all information and Personal Data disclosed and submitted to AIS is true and accurate;
    2. The User hereby declares and guarantees that User has obtained all the necessary approvals from related parties as stated in part B number 1 letter a of this Privacy Policy in the event that if the User discloses or submits the information as well as Personal Data belonging to such related parties in purpose of AMAAN Services utilization, so that AIS may obtain, collect, process, store, and use the Personal Data with the purpose of uses as stated in part B number 3 of this Privacy Policy;
    3. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, the User acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed with AIS’ method in collecting, using, sharing, disclosing, storing, and processing the Personal Data and other provisions regulated in this Privacy Policy.

  9. Limitation of Indemnification
    AIS is committed not to trading User Personal Data to any party, including making reasonable strives so that each of the employees is not involved in selling the User Personal Data to anyone. However, AIS is not responsible for losses in any form or any risk that the User experienced as a result of or related to such Personal Data, including failure to maintain the confidentiality of Personal Data, submission, access, acquisition, processing, storage, or utilization as well as hostilities, including disputes, investigations, audit, law enforcement, and any investigative process, which is not proven caused by or involving AIS or AIS employees, representatives, agents, affiliates, or related parties (“Losses and Legal Issues”). For the sake of clarity, legal certainty, and transparency :
    1. AIS will not compensate, respond, and cannot be involved, including their employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, or representatives, for any claim, demand, request, or statement whatsoever arising from or related to Losses and Legal Matters filed without attaching a definite conclusion that is calculated, accurate, and accountable for the factual and direct damage that the User experienced. The following is the evidence that accepted by the court or related judicial institution regarding AIS errors or omissions based on Articles 1856 and 1866 of the Indonesian Civil Code, Article 164 of the Het Herziene Indonesisch Reglement, and Article 5 Section 1 of Law Number 11 of 2018 regarding as amended by Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions;
    2. AIS is not responsible for the accuracy (except for Personal Data that has been verified by AIS by its policies), legitimacy, legality, and completeness of User Personal Data, and AIS is not required to notify the User or any party regarding this unless it is legally required; and
    3. AIS is not responsible for any violation of law done by the User or any third-party rights resulting from or related to obtaining or providing Personal Data. In the matter of Third-Party Appointment for Personal Data Storage, then the User cannot sue and ask for compensation or any benefits from AIS, AIS employees, proxies, representatives, affiliates, or parties related to AIS in the matter of confidentiality violation or failure maintenance of Personal Data’s confidentiality or Losses and Legal Issues involving, caused or committed by third-party who hold the related Personal Data. However, AIS will yet make reasonable efforts to notify the User regarding such violation of confidentiality when AIS learns it from the third-party.

  10. Marketing and Promotions
    AIS and/or AMAAN Partners are allowed to send marketing information directly in a form of advertisement and promotional communication through information media such as telephone, SMS, email, or other media to Sahabat AMAAN.

  11. Privacy Policy Changes
    AIS may make changes or updates to the Privacy Police from time to time, and if it is needed changes or updates, it will be notified via email and/or through AMAAN Platform, or any other ways to the Users. Users are required to read carefully and thoroughly as well as to check each of the provisions that is regulated from time to time for any changes or updates done in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy is binding, Sahabat AMAAN is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to all contents in the Privacy Policy.