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About Us

There are 43,000 underprivileged people in Indonesia. They include strugglers, pioneers, and elders who have aspirations, but don’t have the access, tools, and expertise to achieve them.

We are taught to care about each other, and we can realize it by giving the access for them people to get a better prosperous life.

Therefore, together we wish to increase prosperity of Indonesian families by empowering local female entrepreneurs using a digital platform.

AMAAN is here as Sahabat Usaha idAMAAN, empowering millions of entrepreneur women and their families to break the limits.

Access to Finance

We provide the access of business capital financing to increase family income without collateral.

Access to Study

We present interesting contents such as articles, podcasts, and videos about entrepreneurship, family, and health to increase the self-capacity for Sahabat AMAAN.

Access to Business Needs

We provide access to procurement of stuffs to fulfill your business needs.

Access to Business Promotions and Opportunities

We provide marketing channel and discussion channel for business opportunities as well as product distribution.

Shared Purpose

Working together improves the welfare of millions of families by empowering women micro entrepreneurs and their families to develop businesses, while promoting AMAAN values.

Passion to make others smarter and more successful

Caring for women, micro entrepreneurs, and a prosperous Indonesia

Discipline in carrying out daily tasks