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Frequently Asked Questions :​

AMAAN is an application that provides access to digital-based services to millions of micro-entrepreneurs to help develop themselves and their businesses, so that they are able to make their families happy and prosperous.

AMAAN’s Friend are all users of the AMAAN application who are registered or have joined the AMAAN application.

Mother idAMAAN is an AMAAN Friend who uses the AMAAN application to serve other AMAAN Friends by accepting deposits of financing installments or savings deposits from AMAAN Friends to be deposited through deposit counters that have collaborated with AMAAN.

For this effort, the company will provide a commission, so that the AMAAN application becomes an income-generating business tool, as well as an opportunity to be of benefit to others.

For further information about membership, contact idAMAAN.

Kakak IdAMAAN (CDP – Community Development Partner AMAAN) Is a partner/company partner who provides services and education to Friends of AMAAN. They are officers who are trained so they can serve AMAAN’s friends well and wear official ID cards from the company.

AMAAN is registered and supervised by the OJK in its business operations, as one of the organizers of Digital Financial Innovation (IKD) No. S-227/MS.72/2020

AMAAN is also registered as a member of AFTECH (Indonesian Fintech Association) as the Association of Digital Financial Innovation Organizers) No. 0355/REG/AFT/SU

AMAAN Certified by Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information No. 02522/DJAI. PSE/05/2020E

AMAAN is not a PINJOL!

The business capital and financing that Sahabat AMAAN enjoys comes from banks, or financial institutions that have official permission from the OJK. 

These banks and financial institutions are officially registered partners, so Friends don’t have to worry about AMAAN services.

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