Usaha idAMAAN

AMAAN is a best friend
for female micro entrepreneurs and their families, who passionately builds dreams to keep moving forward towards prosperity.




“My goal is to get funding from AMAAN so that my business can grow. Thank God, what used to be only 6 kg a day, now it is 10-20 kg of sticky rice. I feel helped by AMAAN. This is my first time getting funding.”

Mrs. Lili
Glutinous Tape Manufacturer
“Initially, I intended to develop a business. That's why I took funding from AMAAN. Now, thank God, now we have added employees. Previously there were only 5 employees, now there are 8 employees.”

Mrs. Neti
Rattan Craftsman
“I am continuing my parents-in-law's business which has been built since 1986. I took financing at AMAAN because the process is easy and fast. With the funding from AMAAN, now my capital has increased and I can fulfill more orders.”

Mrs. Ii
Tempe Producer
“As the mother of idAMAAN, I am really helped by the funding from AMAAN. Because of that, I want my friends to also get financing so that their business can grow. So, we can move forward together.”

Mrs. Rina
Wet Cake Manufacturer