Want to get a loan from AMAAN? Here are the steps to follow. Check it out!

SPA: Silaturahmi Pengenalan AMAAN (AMAAN Introduction Gathering)

The first step is SPA, or AMAAN Introduction Gathering. In this stage, by AMAAN Officials, prospective AMAAN Friends will be introduced and informed comprehensively about what AMAAN is and what can be obtained by joining #JalanAMAAN.

SIA: Silaturahmi Input Aplikasi (Application Input Gathering)

If prospective AMAAN Friends intend to take a loan from AMAAN, AMAAN Officials will assist them in entering the second stage. The second stage is SIA, or Application Input Gathering. In this stage, the AMAAN Officials contacting prospective AMAAN Friends will request all the necessary data and input them into the verified IdAMAAN application owned by AMAAN Officials.

SKT: Silaturahmi Keluarga dan Tetangga (Family and Neighbor Gathering)

Once all the requested data has been collected, the next step is SKT or Family and Neighbor Gathering. In this stage, AMAAN Officials will get to know the family and neighbors of the prospective AMAAN Friends to better understand the character of the prospective member and verify the provided information.

Application Verification to Review & Approval at Bank JAGO

The next step is VA, or Application Verification. At this stage, the application or submission made by prospective AMAAN Friends will be reviewed by the Business Leaders (BL) in their respective regions or modis. If the BLs consider the submission from the prospective member to be complete and appropriate (approved), it will be directly taken to the financing provider, Bank JAGO. At this stage, Bank JAGO, in collaboration with AMAAN, will review the submission and determine whether it meets the requirements set by Bank JAGO. If all the requirements are met, the financing will be approved by Bank JAGO!


Once the financing is approved, the prospective AMAAN Friend becomes an official AMAAN Friend, or even an idAMAAN Mother! Before the disbursement of funds, it must go through the SAP or Financing Agreement Gathering for AMAAN Friends, and SAPPI or Financing Agreement and Appointment of idAMAAN Mother for idAMAAN Mothers. Information about the scheduling of these activities will ONLY be obtained through AMAAN Officials or automatic notifications from the AMAAN application. So, just wait for the information!

Fund Disbursement & Transfer

When the Financing Agreement Gathering runs smoothly, it’s time for Friends to receive the loan funds from AMAAN. With a transparent process, the funds will be disbursed directly to the Friend’s bank account and can be monitored and tracked whenever needed!

SM (Silaturahmi Monitoring) & SR (Silaturahmi Rutin)

By joining #JalanAMAAN, not only can Friends get financing to advance their businesses, but they can also join the AMAAN Community in their respective areas. Together with this established AMAAN Community, Friends are required to participate in SM or Monitoring Gathering, which takes place 7 days after SAP/SAPPI, as well as SR or Routine Gathering, which is held throughout the year, twice a month. It is where Friends can make installment payments, learn from other AMAAN Friends, and much more!

As it turns out, it’s not difficult to get financing from AMAAN, right? Don’t hesitate any longer, let’s join #JalanAMAAN!

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