These are the Benefits of Having the AMAAN Application. There anything?

If you are reading this article, it means that most likely you already have the AMAAN application on your smartphone. It is truly an honor for us at AMAAN, to be able to apply the principle of “Work and Worship in Harmony” through the AMAAN application, and to be able to contribute to the lives of Friends through everything we offer through the AMAAN application.

Well, of course Friends are curious, what can you get from joining #JalanAMAAN and having the AMAAN application? Let’s see below!

AMAAN Community

Being in the AMAAN Community, of course, Friends will get a new ‘family’ that will help Friends in developing their business, enrich themselves with knowledge, and much more. By becoming part of the AMAAN Community, we always ensure that all Friends get the opportunity to increase self-empowerment, so that they can be more beneficial for their families and those around them.


Not only providing financing, by having the AMAAN application, AMAAN Friends wherever you are, can get interesting and informative information and learning through the ‘Learn’ feature in the AMAAN application. In this ‘Learn’ feature, friends can find various information about products in AMAAN, financial tips, health tips, information about families, recipes, business inspiration, and much more!

Financial records

Another feature that Friends can use in the AMAAN application is the ‘Financial Notes’ feature. As a form of self-empowerment as part of the AMAAN Community, we want to help all AMAAN Friends to gain more knowledge about financial management. Well, it all starts with how a Friend records all expenses. Friends can start doing it by using the ‘Financial Notes’ feature in the AMAAN application which is very easy to use, so that you can better manage incoming and outgoing money.


Next, there is the ‘Shopping’ feature which is one of the features in the AMAAN application which will be very beneficial for Friends. By using the ‘Shopping’ feature, Friends can use this feature to shop for daily needs, such as groceries and other household needs. Interestingly, when shopping on the ‘Shopping’ feature, the more you buy, the cheaper the price will be. Very tempting, right? Well, currently the ‘Shopping’ feature is only available in a few areas, but don’t worry! The ‘Shopping’ feature will soon be available wherever Friends are. Just wait for the information, okay!

Promotion Forum

To further advance the business owned by IdAMAAN’s Mothers and AMAAN Friends, the AMAAN application has a ‘Promotion Forum’ feature which is a forum that can be used by Mothers and Friends to promote their business and what they are selling, in order to attract more and more buyers.


As a thank you from AMAAN to idAMAAN’s Friends and Mothers, we are giving all Friends and Mothers the opportunity to win special monthly prizes from AMAAN Berbagi! Friends and Mothers only need to make sure to always take part in Routine Gatherings, and the opportunity to get blessings from AMAAN Sharing will be even greater!

Healthy Talk

Health is one of the most important things that we all have to take care of. At AMAAN, we want to ensure that all of idAMAAN’s Friends and Mothers always take good care of their health and that of their families. One of our ways is to provide the ‘Healthy Talk’ feature in the AMAAN application! In this feature, Friends and Mothers can talk directly with doctors and other health practitioners when there are complaints related to health from Friends and Mothers or family members.

Friends, it turns out that there are lots of features in the AMAAN application that friends can take advantage of! So, because of that, don’t forget to always update the AMAAN application that you have, so you don’t miss new features that will be even more beneficial for all AMAAN Friends!

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