Friends, Don’t Give These Data To Anyone, Yes!

The rise of online fraud makes us have to be more careful. Friends of AMAAN, through this article we want to remind you again that Friends do not give personal data to ANYONE, including AMAAN Officers. For the safety and convenience of Friends, what data is categorized as personal data that absolutely cannot be shared with other people? Check it out below, come on!

Data that may NOT be provided

  1. ATM card

    Friends, the ATM card that you have is personal property, and may not be transferred to anyone, okay! Moreover, if you need to withdraw funds. Make sure that all of this is done by the Friends themselves, yes, and not represented by anyone.


Apart from an ATM card, you must also remember not to give your PIN from your ATM card to anyone. Whether it’s a family member, or Mrs. IdAMAAN, a friend who feels trustworthy. I don’t want to be prejudiced, you know, but only as a form of being alert and careful with personal data owned by Friends, so as to avoid things that are unwanted by parties who cannot be accounted for.

3. ID card

KTP or Identity Card owned by Sahabat AMAAN is one of the personal data that must be properly maintained. Friends must be careful and make sure that anyone who is a friend gives access to a friend’s KTP, as well as a physical KTP or photo KTP.

4. OTP

For friends who don’t know, OTP is a One Time Password. OTP itself is a layer of security that is applied during online banking transactions. With the rise of digital-based banking and other digital financial transactions, OTP acts to further strengthen the layer of security during transactions to avoid unwanted things. So, friends, you have to make sure NOT to tell anyone the OTP code that you got, okay!

So, those are the four important things that Friends and Mother IdAMAAN must protect. Remember, that maintaining the security of your personal data and friends is one way to do it for the safety and comfort of you and your friends, so that you can avoid crimes by irresponsible parties. Always be careful!

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